Cretezy / Charles

Beta Lister Release

June 19, 2019

Today I'm releasing an Android app, Beta Lister, which lists all available beta versions of installed applications.

It's a simple utility app that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store right now. It’s free and easy to use: Simply launch Beta Lister to display a list of your apps and their beta status. You can click on an app to view its enrollment page, or hold to view more information.

Here are some screenshots:

You can visit the app's site at betalister.app. Check it out and leave some feedback!


  • App: Built with Flutter, with the help of the device_apps package for the app list.
  • Website: Built with Gatsby, with the help of Emotion for CSS-in-JS, and hosted on Netlify.
  • Back-end: Hosted on Firebase, using the Functions and Firestore services.