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My first published game, MagnetBox

July 18, 2022

I released my first small game, for a game jam! Well, it was released April 13th, just took me a while to get around writing a post here.

The game was made for Weekly Game Jam - Week 248, and it won out of 14 entries!

It's a simple 2D game with 3 levels, where the player can move (pull) the magnet towards metal walls. On the way to the level's end, coins are placed as extra challenge.

The game was made using HaxeFlixel, a cross-platform game engine written in Haxe. The release targeted the web, as that's the easiest platform for others to be able to quickly play your game (important for game jam where ratings come from other developers). My experience using HaxeFlixel was good, I was able to quickly figure out how to render the level (which was tilemap based, built in the OGMO Editor), add basic physics and user inputs, and other functionality like the HUD and sounds. For simple 2D games, it's a tool I would use again, although there was some rough edges around the compiler, and the language (Haxe) missing some nice-to-have features compared to TypeScript, which I'm most comfortable with.

The assets (the magnet character, level assets such as the boxes, coins/flags, etc) were built with Aseprite, a great little sprite and pixel art editor. These were fairly primitive, and showed me that art is one of the aspects which I require more practice in. Practice makes perfect, so I'll keep at it.

Here's a playable demo of the game, which you can also check out at Itch.io: